Ready to step up your game on family shoots?

Let's face it, sometimes family shoots can be tricky.

Directing young kids with boundless energy and parents who want photos to treasure forever can be hard work. But it doesn't have to be! I’ve got a fail-safe way to capture effortlessly joyful and authentic family images with ease. Get my 32 page prompt guide and you'll never go blank on a family shoot again – I promise!

Introducing Joyful: The Prompt Guide for Family Photographers

A 32 page family posing & prompt guide from Vicki Knights

  • Discover how to prepare families for a successful shoot

  • Learn how to put families at ease before you begin

  • Find out how to make families feel comfortable in front of your camera

  • Discover my detailed session flow

  • Read my top tips for photographing babies, young kids, and big kids

  • Use my 12 tried and tested prompts for capturing joyful, natural family photos

“Thank you for this brilliant guide. It's the perfect length to be useful and specific without being overwhelming. I especially love the 3rd prompt which resulted in AMAZING photos that I could never have dreamt of capturing before. ”

Emma Mathieson

“I LOVE this guide. I'm pleased to say I do some of what you do and love the results, but about 50% of this guide were completely new tips for me! It's great to have some new ideas to try so THANK YOU! You are a great mentor.”

Tracy Williams

About Vicki

Hi I'm Vicki.

I've been running my family photography business since 2008 and have been training photographers since 2013. I'm also the co-host of the popular podcast for people photographers, Shoot Edit Chat Repeat.

Over the last 13 years, I've photographed well over 500 wonderful families - and learnt a lot along the way!  I've tested many prompts and poses in my work and refined them over the years. 

The Joyful guide features all my proven tips and tricks for a successful shoot. It includes the 12 foolproof prompts that have always got the best results for me - and I still use them in all of my shoots. 

Got questions? Great, I've got answers!

  • What is included when I purchase the Joyful guide?

    You'll get immediate access to download the 32 page guide. It comes in PDF format, containing all my tips for working with children, how to make families feel relaxed in front of your camera and the 12 prompts that I regularly use on my shoots.

  • I've been shooting for a long time. Will this guide still be useful to me?

    Even if you’ve been shooting for decades, sometimes creative block still strikes. If you ever struggle to think of ideas and prompts in your family shoots, then this guide is definitely for you.

  • Do you offer any other training for photographers?

    I do! I have my online group programme Delight & Dream, which I run twice a year. If you’re looking for something even more hands-on, I also offer 121 mentoring to photographers. You can find details of my courses, programmes & retreats here:

  • Can I share the cost of the guide and the login with a friend?

    I’m so glad you want to share the wisdom in the Joyful guide, but the cost of the guide only covers one user login so you legally can't share the guide with anyone else. If your friends are interested in taking a look at the guide, please feel free to direct them to the Joyful purchase page. You'll only need to sell one extra image from a shoot to recoup the investment in the guide so it's well worth it, I promise!

  • Can I get a refund after I've purchased?

    Due to the fact it's an immediate download and you’ll receive the guide straightaway, the price is nonrefundable.

“This guide provides great and easy to remember top tips; not only on posing, but it also guides you through a whole session. An invaluable guide for the family photographer, whether a beginner or a more experienced photographer. I especially liked the tips of how to engage with the family and the children, with tips on what to say and silly games to play. These tips will definitely help me to capture the connection between families and help get big, natural smiles in my next family photography session”

Sue Walker-Nix

Keep Joyful in your pocket

Take the Joyful guide with you wherever you go!

Download the guide onto your device so you'll have it with you at all of your shoots. 

It's perfect for some last-minute inspiration before you start shooting. 

“I love this prompt guide. It's packed with hints, tips and great ideas for a successful shoot. ”

Tara Taylor