Ready to step up your game on branding shoots?

Trying to come up with enough poses for one person can be tricky!

Perhaps you feel out of your comfort zone if you don't have kids or a groom to rely on for poses! Don't worry - we're here to help! In this posing guide, discover over 40 poses that we regularly use at our branding shoots. You can literally have them in your pocket so you can capture gorgeous branding photos with ease. You'll never go blank on a branding shoot again!

Introducing the Pocket Posing guide for Branding Photographers

Discover 40 poses for branding shoots from leading brand photographers Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd

  • Learn how to pose females so they look natural and relaxed

  • Save the guide to your phone and use on shoots for inspiration

  • Never go blank on a shoot again with over 40 poses in your pocket

“Eddie & Vicki's posing guide is everything a brand photographer needs. It's pocket sized but really packs a punch. You will never be short of posing ideas again. The gorgeous photo examples included is all you really need when you are out on location. Rest assured when you get those brain-fog moments or run out of ideas this little beauty will be on hand to refresh the situation. I'd highly recommend making this small investment as you are sure to get a high return.”

Alison McMath

“I just purchased your pocket posing guide - it's exactly what I needed! Much better than my crumpled piece of paper with a few poses jotted down. THANK YOU!!! ”

Michelle Morris

Who are we?

We're Vicki Knights & Eddie Judd - co-hosts of the award-winning podcast for people photographers, Shoot Edit Chat Repeat. 

We have both been running our photography businesses for over a decade (we were 'competitors' and met on Twitter back in 2011!)

We have both been doing personal brand photography for over 10 years - before personal branding was even a thing!

We've photographed hundreds of women over the years, and have worked with every different personality and body type!

We've taken our insights and experience and are now sharing with you the 40+ poses that we both use in our branding shoots.  

Got questions? Great, we've got answers!

  • What is included when I purchase the pocket posing guide?

    You'll get immediate access to download the guide. It comes in PDF format so you can save it to your phone. It contains over 40 poses that we both regularly use at our branding shoots.

  • I've been shooting for a long time. Will this guide still be useful to me?

    Even if you’ve been shooting for decades, sometimes creative block still strikes. If you ever struggle to think of ideas and prompts in your branding shoots, then this guide is definitely for you.

  • Do you offer any other training for photographers?

    We do! Just click at the logo at the top to see the other online courses that we offer. We also both offer 121 training; Vicki in business & mindset, Eddie in Lightroom workflow and editing.

  • Can I share the cost of the guide and the login with a friend?

    We're so glad you want to share the brilliant pose ideas in our guide, but the cost of the guide only covers one user login so you legally can't share the guide with anyone else. If your friends are interested in taking a look at the guide, please feel free to direct them to this purchase page. You'll only need to sell one or two extra image from a shoot to recoup the investment in the guide so it's well worth it, we promise!

  • Can I get a refund after I've purchased?

    Due to the fact it's an immediate download and you’ll receive the guide straightaway, the price is nonrefundable.

“This posing guide is AMAZING - what a fabulous job you've done. The content goes over and above what I've seen in other posing guides. You've packed so much into a concise and handy guide. I've already added it to my homescreen so it's at my fingertips not only to plan but also for quick reference during a shoot. (It looks pretty gorgeous too!)”

Moira Vence-Gunstane

Keep the posing guide in your pocket

Take the guide with you wherever you go!

Download the posing guide onto your device so you'll have it with you at all of your shoots. 

It's perfect for some last-minute inspiration before you start shooting.

Also it's a lifesaver if you're ever stuck for ideas during a shoot and also very handy to show to a client to demonstrate how you want a pose to look. 

“I absolutely love Vicki & Eddie's pocket posing guide. I'll now be able to quickly get inspiration whenever needed on a branding session. It's intuitive structure and the inclusion of examples is super handy as well. I thoroughly recommend adding the guide to your kit! ”

Naomi Fenton